Things I wish I knew before I sold to private equity by Jason Hendren

The Ultimate Guide through the M&A Process for Entrepreneurs

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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Sold to Private Equity

Amazon Best Selling author, Jason Hendren, shares ten topics that every entrepreneur should be comfortable with before considering a sale. Jason explores, the emotions, finances, and strategies that an entrepreneur will face when presented with an opportunity to sell.

For entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of unanswered questions in the process of selling a business. This book is the guide you’ve been looking for.

“Back then was when I really needed a book like this one. Which is why I decided to write it for everyone else who needs to know how this process works.”

Jason Hendren got his entrepreneurial start twenty years ago. Over those two decades, he would go on to grow his small business through countless challenges and lessons learned, navigate reverse mergers and capital raising, work closely with investors and advisors, sell his business and stay on as CEO, and ultimately shift to leading M&A activities for the now Goliath-level operation. In his debut work, Jason shares his story but, above all, his goal was to “write a book about everything I learned so future entrepreneurs won’t have to stumble through the process.”

Within his book, Jason explores critical information entrepreneurs need when evaluating equity transactions, including:

  • What Do You Want Life to Look Like After You Sell?
  • Am I the Add-On or the Platform?
  • How Do I Align My Employees with My Plans to Sell?
  • What Advisors Do I Need and When?
  • How Will Leverage Be Used in My Sale?
  • What Should I Know About Reinvesting My Equity?
  • What Factors Will Affect My Proceeds?
  • What Can I Expect During the Diligence Process?
  • What Changes Should I Expect After Closing?
  • How Should I Think About My Valuation?


Biggest takeaway? Plan well in advance before putting your company in play to achieve an optimal exit!

Jack Daly – CEO Coach and multiple times Amazon Best Selling Author

I highly recommend this book to entrepreneurs that may one day bring in an outside inventor. It is truly a demonstration of what entrepreneurs should know years before they ever consider a sale.

Ken J. Hessevick – Managing Director, Pfingsten Partners

This book will open your eyes to the world of Private Equity and lay bare, in plain language, options that many would have learned about post-closing. In this book, Jason brings simplicity to a potentially noisy process in a way that will benefit those that read it!

Ryan Smith – Co-Founder of Elevation Capital Group

I have read several books on preparing to sell your business, and yours is BY FAR the best. As a business owner, your plain-speak, direct approach is reassuring and quite valuable. Almost like a playbook!

Karen B. Caplan – CEO and president, Frieda’s Branded Produce

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