Exit Planning Advising

Prepare Your Business for a Profitable Sale

If you own or lead a successful business, it’s likely you have been reached out to by a variety of firms interested in exploring a transaction. While you may be a leader in your industry, dealing with private equity investors, investment bankers, and leveraged buyouts may be completely new to you. That’s where having an expert advisor on your side is crucial. 

An exit planning advisor acts as an extension of your management team to help you clarify your goals, evaluate the opportunities, and guide you from offer to close. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Jason Hendren brings transaction experience into your boardroom.

What Is Exit Planning Advising?

As an advisor, Jason helps business owners get an overview on what it means to be a seller of a founder-run business. Business sales are very different than other large asset sales because of the role the owners play with customers, vendors, and employees. Not to be confused with an investment banker who is hired at the time of sale, Jason works with businesses to prepare for sale far in advance of taking the business to market. He evaluates the business readiness and develops a game plan to have the right systems, staff, and data available to convey the value of the business adequately. Jason also seeks to find industry drivers’ maximum valuation so that when it is time to market the business, sellers will receive the greatest value possible.

If or when you have received interest directly from a private equity investor or strategic buyer, Jason helps evaluate the quality and fit of the potential partner. Should you decide to explore a transaction, you will be supported in evaluating and negotiating the LOI through the process of getting to a close while avoiding traps along the way.

The Hendren Exit Planning Process for Business Leaders

As you consider transacting the equity in your business, the Hendren method sets businesses up for a successful outcome. It starts with helping entrepreneurs define what a successful outcome looks like, and learning about your personal and financial goals to help you determine if a transaction will reach those goals. From there, it’s important to evaluate the current financial state of your business and what makes your company valuable as we assess the interest you have already received. Most times, Jason consults with businesses after they have already been approached by investment bankers and/or equity investors. The recommended course of action can range from focusing on a single buyer, broadening the process, or both.

Together, we can look at the 10 answers you need before transacting with an investor. With these answers, we can evaluate the fit of current offers or scope out a broad process.

  1. What do I want my role to look like after the transaction?
  2. Is my company a platform investment or an add-on acquisition?
  3. When and how should I communicate with my employees?
  4. How should I think about my company’s valuation?
  5. Will I be reinvesting a portion of my proceeds?
  6. What factors beyond valuation will affect my proceeds?
  7. How will leverage be used in the deal?
  8. When should I bring in specialists?
  9. What can I expect due diligence to look like?
  10. What will life after closing look like?

Exit Strategy Advising

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